Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Break Rules (Ask Me How)

This is just a quick update. I've decided to make this a weekly blog that will update every Friday. This week's post will be put up tonight (the Pandorum review). Having a specific schedule for updating will make reading and writing this blog much easier. Hope you like the new schedule! If not, well, that sucks for you, eh?

Lately, I've been missing from the cyber-world more than usual. That's because of a lovely combination of events. Event 1: Pat got Mass Effect 2 last week and we're on our second play-through now. Mass Effect 2 is so awesome I'll even be reviewing it. For those of you who aren't really into gaming, Mass Effect 2 is a recently released sequel to the very popular Mass Effect game. It's a blend of a first- and third-person shooter, and an RPG (role-play game). I'll give more details in my review.

Event 2: Pat broke his foot and is confined to his couch for the next 6 weeks. As I'm his closest friend (in that I actually hang out with him), I've been at his house every day since he broke it. My job is to keep him from doing stupid things and to keep him company while his fantastic girlfriend is working. We've been spending our time playing Mass Effect 2, Little Big Planet, and watching such films as Tropic Thunder.

Next update: Pandorum.

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